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RAT Race 1000 is a Tunisian rally-raid included in the FTA Sports Calendar (Fédération Tunisienne de l’Automobile). It is a long-distance strategy and endurance race (Extreme Endurance Rally), characterized by a Special Stage with orientation parameters via GPS navigation.

The race takes place it takes place on dirt, stony and sandy roads; participants, in the short stretches of travel on asphalt, must comply with the rules imposed by the Traffic Code of the host country (where provided and applicable).

It is considered "Extreme event" as, together with the remote and hostile territory in which it takes place, it presents particularly demanding characteristics of duration and distance.

The PS (Special Stage) will be composed of a series of mandatory WPTs (CP - Control Point) to be intercepted according to pre-established order without reference track.

The crews will start according to the so-called starting criterion "on line". Depending on the number of participants, there may be more starting lines (the online position will be assigned by race number); the departures of the different lines will take place with a gap of 30 "(thirty seconds) from each other.

The SS will have a total length of about 1,700 km and must be covered in a maximum of 58h00'00 "(fifty-eight hours, zero minutes and zero seconds).

Since there are no reference tracks, it will be up to the individual crews to develop the best race strategy and the most efficient route to reach the finish first.

START: 08.00 AM - D4
MAX SPEED: respect the Road Traffic Code (where foreseen and applicable)
DISTANCE: about 1,700 km
LIMIT TIME: 58h00'00 "(fifty-eight hours, zero minutes and zero seconds)
DEPARTURE ORDER: Online Departure
TRACK: not provided
WPTs: required

Spring 2022

Click on the map to download the complete route in high resolution & nbsp; & nbsp;


Saturday 01 April 2023
FERRY Genova - Tusini
Sunday 02 April 2023
Arrival in Tunis, customs formalities and transfer to Hammamed
Monday, April 03 2023
Technical and Sporting Checks in Hammamet and Transfer to Douz
  • • 08.30 am OPEN PARK CLOSED, start of Technical and Sporting Checks & nbsp;
  • • from 10.30 am Transfer to Douz
  • • 2.30 pm CLOSED PARK
Tuesday 04 April 2023
Start Special Stage
  • 07.00 am OPEN PARK CLOSED
  • 8.00 am start of the SPECIAL TEST
Wednesday 05 April 2023
Special test
Thursday 06 April 2023
End of special stage
  • 08.00 opening of ARRIVAL CONTROL
  • at 6.00 pm ARRIVAL CONTROL closes
  • 6.30 pm CLOSED PARK
Friday 07 April 2023
  • 10.00 Award ceremony
  • after the awards ceremony, day off
Saturday 08 April 2023
Transfer to Hammamed
Sunday 09 April 2023
FERRY Tunis - Genoa
Monday 10 April 2023
Arrival in Genoa

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