What to expect

Perhaps you thought that I was generous enough to divide the race course into simple and boring daily internships getting by like this with a few hundred kilometers of driving a day?

Absolutely not !!!

1,000 miles of uninterrupted madness await you ... steel balls and lion's courage will do the trick difference between the winner and all losers.

During the special stage you will not find a paddock with starred chefs, catered by large hotel and luxury hospitality… you will be lucky if in addition to the sand you will be able to eat a piece of dry bread!

You will take part in an extreme endurance race that will take place in the Sahara Desert, the territory most hostile and remote on the planet.

It will not be a vacation, it will not be an adventure trip, it will not be a competition for jocks ... it will be there craziest race in the Tunisian desert… this is RAT Race1000 !!!